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Kony 2012 – why is it such a huge social media success?

It’s a glossy video that has Hollywood qualities, made by charity Invisible Children, this Youtube success story was seeded into Twitter and exploded from there. By the end of the first day this video had received over 3 million Youtube views. The video features key attributes that make a successful viral. It begins with very […]


Social media experts?

Social Networking Expert Social networking is in my blood, it’s what makes me tick. There are over 15,000 ‘social networking experts’ displaying their selves on Twitter alone. This itself shows social media is a huge growth area, but I’m fascinated by the disparity in knowledge and principles that are being displayed by the ‘experts’ and […]


Dear Murdoch, people wont pay for news online (apparently)

In a recent survey by Harris Interactive commissioned by PaidContent UK studying what the outcome would be if the newspaper industry started charging for online content. You can see from results below that only 5% of participants would continue to read the news. The sort of numbers this would achieve aren’t unimpressive though! In June, […]


From Twitter to Quitter

As social media quickly replaces our photo albums, telephone books/directories and even our landlines – what happens in today’s social media rich world when we or our friends & family logout from our real world?…


The peer web: Marketing with, not at!

I’ve been conscious for the last few weeks that I’ve neglected the blog that I was hoping to update daily, but even for me – someone who preaches social media, I haven’t been engaging with my own customers. Or have I?…

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