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Fierce over 40: entrepreneurship is not just for yupees

Starting young in business as I did, is great fun and has many advantages (as well as its fair share of disadvantages) but what happens to those who try later in life? Entreprenurship isn’t exclusivley for the ‘dot com kids’ or the ‘yupees‘ its for the brave and the imaginative. So here’s a selection of those […]


August Roundup

August has been a busy month, I managed to get away on holiday to the south of France which was great fun and I achieved a proper sun tan (although not something to shout about on a CV, but I was pretty pale. If you seen me before i’m sure you’ll agree). I thought i’d […]


Success after bankruptcy

Bankruptcy doesn’t have to be the end of all things financial; quite a few famous people have had to file for bankruptcy but still went on about their business and rose from the ashes like a phoenix. In this current climate especially people are experiencing a multitude of challenges (and even rewards), from these examples […]


Blast from the past: Marketing ‘with’ not marketing ‘at’!

I thought I’d include a link to a blog post that I previously posted last year about social media engagement, which might be worth a read if you’ve just started to venture into social media marketing. The peer web: Marketing with, not at! I’d love to hear your thoughts!


15 of the strangest marketing stunts

We’re getting ready to get our new website live and whilst on holiday in the south of France I was wondering what sort of whacky marketing stunts companies had come up with over the years to promote their companies. I thought i’d share some of the ones i’ve found. Some of these marketing ideas have […]


The Art of Bootstrapping

I have recently been approached by a few young startups who are looking to raise money for their concept or very early stage product. I found myself beginning to write and talk about the pros and cons of raising investment, angel and VC. Therefore I thought it maybe useful to get my thoughts down as […]


Walk 500 miles

It’s been a beautiful few days, and a busy few months for me. I’ve just moved full-time to sunny Camberwell, London where soon I will be announcing my exciting new ventures (they really are great!). I’ve been working very hard with my super team (yes even on a Saturday) to deliver the goods. Whilst ‘The Proclaimers – I’m […]


Fifty People One Question

Fifty People One Question is an ongoing social experiment and film series exploring human connections through people and place. The project began in New Orleans in 2008 and has since traveled across the globe, touching millions of viewers. Along the way, the films have captured a small slice of humanity; to discover dreams, losses, reflections, […]


2010 so far!

So it’s been over a month since I last posted here, as you might be able to tell things have been *very* busy for me. I’ve moved from being pretty much full-time in the midlands (Coventry) to now living in London for the majority of the week and visiting our offices in Coventry twice a […]

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