Teach Your Kids to be Entrepreneurs

One thing that’s generally known about starting your own business is that it’s very hard work. You may have heard that the failure rate is high and the success rate low, yet annually there are millions of us taking the entrepreneurial plunge. According to official statistics from the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor there are currently 388 […]

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Famous Family Businesses

Family businesses have been the backbone of entrepreneurs for many years. Parents often dream of handing over their pride joy enterprise to their siblings. Not all are successful, but here are some famous family businesses you’re sure to know. The first of any list of family businesses have to involve the Rothschild family, which is […]

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Fierce over 40: entrepreneurship is not just for yupees

Starting young in business as I did, is great fun and has many advantages (as well as its fair share of disadvantages) but what happens to those who try later in life? Entreprenurship isn’t exclusivley for the ‘dot com kids’ or the ‘yupees‘ its for the brave and the imaginative. So here’s a selection of those […]

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