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I thought I’d share with you a few sites that I often visit, for a moment of inspiration, education or laughter…


Leading a team from the front

Running a business at any point in anyone’s life can prove a challenge. There’s the race to breaking even, not breaking your team, smashing your competition and ensuring throughout the whole process you stay enthusiastic, optimistic and honest! Personally I’ve had no formal education in running a team (nor running a business) but I sure […]


From Twitter to Quitter

As social media quickly replaces our photo albums, telephone books/directories and even our landlines – what happens in today’s social media rich world when we or our friends & family logout from our real world?…


Global Charity Twitter Event: Twestival

Twestival is back after a global success last year. Twestival or Twitter-Festival is a whole array of events organised by volunteers around the world to raise money for various charities. This year Thursday 10th September will see 133 cities holding Twestivals for their own local causes…


Amazingly Youthful Music Stats

I’m definitley not your normal 20 year old – but here are some generalised stats that may interest and excite you.

In my next few posts I will explore various pieces of research and what they show us about today’s teen.

38% use youtube to check out new artists


Just landed: Miami

The one thing I love about being an entrepreneur and having some great projects is you never know what’s around the corner. A client called me on Wednesday and asked if we could fly out to Miami to deliver some social media training, of course we quickly accepted and our client flew myself and one […]


The peer web: Marketing with, not at!

I’ve been conscious for the last few weeks that I’ve neglected the blog that I was hoping to update daily, but even for me – someone who preaches social media, I haven’t been engaging with my own customers. Or have I?…

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