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Spotify Founder Spearheads Music Industry Change

For those of you who haven’t heard, Spotify is a great application kicking up a storm in the music world by providing ad-funded music streaming for free. Recently they have released an iPhone application for their premium users (£9.99 a month) which I personally believe kicks iTunes ass. I’d never dream of purchasing another iTunes MP3, […]


New rules for bloggers

New United States federal rules are due to be implemented on December 1st which state bloggers must disclose freebies in product reviews. In a more interesting twist, influencers who have a prominent following on social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook are also obliged to follow the FTC rules. What do the rules say in […]


Why you need Facebook connect!

Mark Zuckerberg the Facebook LegendIn recent news surrounding Facebook we can hear about Mark Zuckerberg hinting a new services such as adverts on 3rd party sites and competing against the likes of PayPal’s 50 million strong customer base and Google checkout…


Go-ahead to serve papers on Twitter

A conservative party tweeter who discovered a fake account of his persona (here) on Twitter got the go-ahead from the British High Court to try to serve him or her with legal papers. “Whoever they are, they will be told to stop posting, to remove previous posts and to identify themselves to the High Court […]


Dear Murdoch, people wont pay for news online (apparently)

In a recent survey by Harris Interactive commissioned by PaidContent UK studying what the outcome would be if the newspaper industry started charging for online content. You can see from results below that only 5% of participants would continue to read the news. The sort of numbers this would achieve aren’t unimpressive though! In June, […]


An open, sung letter to Lily Allen

In recent news Lily Allen has joined an anti-piracy lobby in a war against illegal downloading, with claims that it is helping to bankrupt the music industry. (Even though it seems here, she has been pointed out to be clueless about the rules surrounding copyright.) This is a great tune and way of delivering the […]


Uranium Ore, anyone?

I recently read a post by Seth Godin pointing out after a meeting at Wal-Mart headquarters he read on a banner “You Can’t Out-Amazon, Amazon”. This really does seem to be the case, after discovering Amazon sells Uranium Ore. You defintley can’t find Uranium Ore on Wal-mart’s website. Just to add to the fun, here […]


Inspiring: Enzo Ferrari baught the bank!

I can remember in the first ever interview I did with Bobbie Johnson at the Guardian I spoke about “Being a young entrepreneur, everybody is ready to help you out, BUT conversations with my bank manager have been very different than they might have been if I was older – after all, I can’t ask for a business loan because I haven’t even got a credit rating.”….


UK Government to introduce a BroadBand tax

Reported by the BBC – Stephen Timms the minister for Digital Britain believes this very controversial tax will be in effect before the next election. This £175m a year fund will be raised to fund high speed networks.  Timms said the tax will be presented to parliament as part of the Finance Bill. How can […]

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