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Microsoft Windows Phone 7 Series

Forget the typically awkward name: this is an all new Windows smartphone experience. Microsoft Windows Phone 7 Series is a complete re-build of Windows Mobile, with a spartan interface replacing the clutter that had become synonymous with the platform. Key features of the new OS are a series of “hubs” dedicated to specific activities, including […]


Facebook to give brands a helping hand

Facebook will hit $1 Billion in revenue later this year if it continues growing and keep it’s users engaged. As Facebook pages becomes a more popular offering to companies, Facebook has decided to give brands a gentle push to making the most out of it’s super platform. Social networking site Facebook will launch a directory […]


Apple tablet coming this month?

Happy new year everybody, and here’s an unexpected treat: Previously I blogged about the rumored Apple tablet and how it may look. A friend of mine (@thomasdavies) has just tweeted that Apple will announce new products on January 27th 2010 at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco. This could be where […]


Social media experts?

Social Networking Expert Social networking is in my blood, it’s what makes me tick. There are over 15,000 ‘social networking experts’ displaying their selves on Twitter alone. This itself shows social media is a huge growth area, but I’m fascinated by the disparity in knowledge and principles that are being displayed by the ‘experts’ and […]


Like an iPhone on beautifying steroids..

Rumours have been flying around the blogosphere about Google’s new android device. Breaking new almost confirm it’s existence: “It’s just about confirmed now: Google will sell its own phone, built by HTC and named the Nexus One” reported by social media blog Mashable. Twitter user GreatWhiteSnark has described Google’s new elusive venture into manufacturing their […]


Facebook connect continues to grow

Earlier this week Facebook announced it has 60 million people using Facebook connect across  80,000 sites. Facebook is already beating off competition from Google’s connect service, who has teamed up with Twitter OAuth to try and make more headway. In an earlier post ‘Why you need Facebook connect‘ I spoke about how if Facebook wanted […]


Cowell to gamble at Las Vagas

Simon Cowell – TV Producer extraordinaire and the worlds most famous person is expanding his famous X-Factor format to the dizzy heights of Laz Vagas. The show which has 19 versions worldwide has seen the birth of  stars like Leona Lewis; will be turning into a global pay-per-view phenomenon. Just as Spotify currently tackles music industry […]


Apple to defend a one billion dollar lawsuit!

Carrying on my post yesterday which looks at the possible Apple tablet, last week, Nokia filed suit against Apple, claiming that the iPhone maker was infringing on Nokia’s patents. Analysts have estimated that if found guilty, Apple could face up to $1 Billion in penalties and license fees. If this sort of lawsuit is successful, […]


Apple Tablet, how will it look?

As rumors circulate around the new Apple tablet which is tipped to be the iPhone but bigger; creative designers are predicting how this nifty little machine will look. A sample of five of the best I love are below:

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