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Superinjunctions and social media

As the news flies around that a Premiership star has been named on social media site Twitter after a court ordered that their identity should be protected, the debate turns to our privacy laws and how they should be enforced on social media. The game (media and news) has now changed it and it’s important […]


On the edge of engagement – Facebook Edgerank

With some Facebook users liking hundreds of pages and having quite literally 1,000+ friends, how does Facebook cut through the noise and deliver relevant content to its hungry and hyperactive userbase? The answer is using the special EdgeRank algorithm – a formula which decides whose content is engaging and deserves to be seen by the […]

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Review: Whisk – the recipie iPhone app

I’ve always been very involved in the world of mobile as far back as I can remember when I ran social network PPLparty and then as online product manager for Doug Richard’s company – Trutap. So I thought it was about time to start reviewing iPhone applications starting with cooking app Whisk, created by James […]

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How ASDA tip-toed into Social Media

When Asda first started exploring the big bad world of Twitter and all things social they did it slowly, carefully and with confidence. This is a small blog post on how they did it after I was lucky enough to hear recently. What they did first ASDA key PR employees were the first to take […]

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Famous Family Businesses

Family businesses have been the backbone of entrepreneurs for many years. Parents often dream of handing over their pride joy enterprise to their siblings. Not all are successful, but here are some famous family businesses you’re sure to know. The first of any list of family businesses have to involve the Rothschild family, which is […]

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Social media risks

How do you manage the risks of social media? Part 1 – Ownership In my recent discussions with board members at a number of PLC’s and mid-sized organisations, the was an apparent lack of understanding of the risks of social media. All those that took part in the discussions had already created Facebook pages and […]


CrowdControlHQ – social media risk software

CrowdControlHQ is a revolutionatry social media management tool used by some of the world’s biggest brands. Our clients include Cadbury, Mercedes, Luminar, Hello Magazine and many more. You can manage, measure, protect and engage using our online software. Check it out here. You can also see the risks of social media management.

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I’m feeling lucky, to let Google drive my car.

When I heard about Google’s latest blog where it revealed it has been creating secret automatic cars I was excited but unsurprised. The reason I say this, is the way they have been developing their street view features, their advanced terrain mapping would all point to gathering information in ways which can be used for purposes […]

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