Review: Whisk – the recipie iPhone app

I’ve always been very involved in the world of mobile as far back as I can remember when I ran social network PPLparty and then as online product manager for Doug Richard’s company – Trutap. So I thought it was about time to start reviewing iPhone applications starting with cooking app Whisk, created by James McIntosh.

First of all let’s start with a simple price comparison of competing apps. Jamie Oliver’s first app is £4.99 for 20 recipes, Gordon, Nigella and Rachel Allen are the same price. Whisk comes in at £2.99 for 600 recipes. So a quick comparison shows you that Whisk is ahead there.

Now you might say who is James McIntosh? Well you’ll be pleasantly surprised as I was that James is a world award winning cookery writer, home economist and demonstrator. This is a real expert who is trusted to represent brands like AGA and was a consumer researcher for the Good Housekeeping Institute.

The app is very intuitive, it’s usability is at par with any well thought out app on the iTunes app store.

There are some nifty features such as:

  • you can save recipes as favorites
  • upload your own photo as the recipe photo once you’ve made it yourself
  • And my favorite- you can shake or ‘whisk’ your iPhone to be presented with a random recipe that is relevant to the time of day!

The app itself contains a variety of recipes including “basic everyday meals to dinner party menus, vegetables as main courses or
accompaniments, and scrumptious cakes”.

If you’ve tried Whisk or any other app you think I should review, be it a recipe app or something else, let me know.

You can download Whisk from iTunes here.



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