Social media risks

How do you manage the risks of social media?

Part 1 – Ownership

In my recent discussions with board members at a number of PLC’s and mid-sized organisations, the was an apparent lack of understanding of the risks of social media.

All those that took part in the discussions had already created Facebook pages and Twitter profiles to engage with their respective audiences and were well on there way to discovering multiple rewards.

To my amazement though, those that were the most aware of the social media risks tended to be so because they had already lost control of one or more social media accounts and faced the risks head on.

Losing control of social media accounts can happen when:

  • Employees ‘own’ the logins to Facebook pages and Twiiter accounts
  • Insecure passwords are used
  • Passwords are shared amongst multiple users (includes agencies that are outside of the organisation’s control)
  • Employees leave to join competitor companies and ‘rebrand’ Facebook/Twitter pages and steal the custom you have built up.

Part 2 – Audit trail

If one of your employees goes off the rails then they can do immeasurable damage to your brand (think the Jet Blue Steward), but with social media you may never know who it was.

Think back to being at school when the headmistress lines everyone up outside her office and she asks the question- “No one is leaving until the person responsible owns up”? At that point you know that the Headmistress doesn’t know who is to blame for breaking the window and so the guilty person just needs to hang tight. The same is true in the corporate sense. The marketing director will ask the same question as the headmistress, but the consequences are much more severe and so you are even less likely to own up!

You need that audit trail to make sure that every employee is accountable for their social media actions. Knowing who said what and when enables you to ask the question – why?

Part 3 – Moderation

As Facebook Pages are free and easy to join it can therefore be open to abuse.

Board members and marketing teams that I have spoken to were unaware of who was responsible for moderating their Facebook Pages. Many assumed it was the responsibility of their staff, whereas some thought it was their agency, but no one was 100% sure.

Facebook posts do need to be moderated.

What happens if a pornographic image or an abusive comment appears on your facebook wall? What is the impact on the brand?

I suppose that depends on how many people have seen it before it is removed and how offensive it was?

Marketing directors need to be able to sleep easy at night knowing that they are protected.

The Solution?

It is your brand reputation on (the) line.

You need to moderate content, ensure there is an audit trail and own 100% of your social media activities.

This is why myself and my team have created CrowdControlHQ – the social media management software tool where you are in total control.

Contact me direct to discuss a demo or drop us a line via the website.


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