August Roundup

August has been a busy month, I managed to get away on holiday to the south of France which was great fun and I achieved a proper sun tan (although not something to shout about on a CV, but I was pretty pale. If you seen me before i’m sure you’ll agree).

I thought i’d include a roundup of posts that I created during the month, just incase you missed any!

The art of bootstrapping – why it isn’t that bad to not raise investment and have a go at creating a viable business without giving away an arm and leg. Check it out here.

15 strange marketing stunts – I thought i’d take a look at some of the weird and wonderful marketing stunts that have occurred over the last few years. Here’s the link.

Blast from the past – I take a look at a blog post I posted back in 2009 which is over here.

What happens after bankruptsy – what has happened to individuals who are today famous in their business past? Read it here.

Let’s hope we can squeeze some more sun out of September and I hope you enjoy my blog posts this month, i’d love to hear from you!



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