Walk 500 miles

It’s been a beautiful few days, and a busy few months for me. I’ve just moved full-time to sunny Camberwell, London where soon I will be announcing my exciting new ventures (they really are great!). I’ve been working very hard with my super team (yes even on a Saturday) to deliver the goods.

Whilst ‘The Proclaimers – I’m gonna be’ might seem like a great theme tune for the start of this new journey and maybe the start of yours, I thought i’d deliver you some news about what the Scottish twins have been up to in the social media/tech space as my first blog post in a while (sorry about that, i’ve had bloggers block).

With the help of Scottish agency Bluemungus, The Proclaimers have launched an iApp for iPhone/iPad etc that allows us to learn the words and guitar chords to our favourite Proclaimers songs. The application also includes exclusive footage from recent gigs and news that you can of course push out to your Facebook friends.

Here’s to the Proclaimers who I associate with school discos, quite rightly stepping up to the mark and pushing their band through innovative means. 

On the note of bands, especially those not quite as big as the Proclaimers, I come across an interesting little service called Mobile Roadie (www.mobileroadie.com). An easy to use service giving musicians (authors, poets, writers, celebs etc) an instant iPhone app for there fans!

I promise i’ll get the posts going again now i’m settled down in London.


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