Appointment Toolkit – Text (sms) reminders, diary system and marketing

Project Name: Appointment Toolkit

Description: Appointment Toolkit was created to help salon owners/hair dressers, dentists, doctors and most small businesses reduce no shows and manage appointments. We do this by sending text reminders and e-mail marketing campaigns via our easy to use software.

I created the business when I helped a friend turn his salon around in 2008. We tackled no-shows, upselling and on-going marketing using this software solution. We personally cut no-shows by 90%.

When we first launched this product we named it Salon Toolkit, only to realise that there was a huge market of appointment based industries where we could help!

For more information on this product, visit our website: Appointment Toolkit

Or you can read more about it here.



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  2. Martin Reynolds

    what happened to formerly pplparty? I thought that was the next big thing especially with 400,000 registered users

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  4. Anonymous

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  5. SMS or text message marketing is a great way to contact clients or customers, or even church members.

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