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Descrption: Youmeo, a simple utility to bring together all your social websites and friends into one place. You can update them all at once, we support the likes of Facebook and Twitter. Be sure to e-mail me for an invite code. I’ve been luck enough to work alongside some great people on this project including Angel Gambino (ex VP of content at Bebo, MTV and BBC).



  1. I would like to join this site

  2. mary

    where do I download Youmeo?

  3. mary

    where do I download Youmeo?

  4. Chris

    Youmeo is in the hands of the receivers, as far as I can tell, so not sure what the score is.

  5. are you going to include voice apps (Adobe Flash Voice)

  6. carejames

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  7. Is there a way to join thissite It seems I cannot find the register link

  8. Is there a way to join thissite It seems I cannot find the register link

  9. adam

    I would like an invite if you hae one spare please 🙂

  10. Would love to know more about this product!

    Give me a shout out when your free Calum.


  11. Carol Lin

    Hi Calum,

    I think Youmeo is a great idea! Was looking around to a social media aggregate site and found this! Can I ask why this went offline?

  12. brittnee

    Gosh y did this go offline!!!!!!!!!!!!! that sucks :(((

  13. Matt

    works great i love it!

  14. Mae Johnson

    I would like to join this website please let me know how.

    Thanks Mae Johnson

  15. Anonymous

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  16. Mpadmav

    how to join and where we get the link to create a account

  17. Maanvi12

    how to join

  18. Ala Krishna2

       this is krishna.

  19. Ala Krishna2


  20. Marksburrell

    I think I joined this once, with the ID of mark8199 

  21. xiaoheiwotou


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