Appointment Toolkit Preview

Recently a friend of mine ended up buying himself a hair salon. Soon after realising he’d never ran one before, he enlisted the help of me – to see if we could turn the business around. Not even knowing how to hold a pair of scissors we combined what we had both experienced across running and marketing businesses.

We set about looking at how we could help retain our clients, reduce no-shows and encourage people to buy beauty treatments; the concept of Appointment Toolkit was born.

We found that most of the software in the market is expensive, over complicated and requires specialist hardware. I set about creating an easy to use, cost effective, SAAS product that sat on any laptop, PC or device.

The site is due to go live on Monday, but for now i’ve included some sneaky screen shots of how it works.


Salon Toolkit Homepage

First time login

Salon-Toolkit Appointment Reminders

I’m looking for innovative ways to market this product, so if you have any ideas – or want to get involved drop me a line.


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