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A passionate #Proptech founder. Leading No Agent towards the vision of improving the rental sector for both landlords and tenants. Occasional social media speaker and mostly spending my time talking about French Bulldogs.


Social media & the bar industry

This week I had the pleasure to speak about social media to business owners in the bar industry. Whilst there I also got to switch off and learn about cocktails, menus and popup bars. Thanks to Bols Business Class for the opportunity to speak. If you’re looking for a social media speaker at your event, please […]


Teach Your Kids to be Entrepreneurs

One thing that’s generally known about starting your own business is that it’s very hard work. You may have heard that the failure rate is high and the success rate low, yet annually there are millions of us taking the entrepreneurial plunge. According to official statistics from the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor there are currently 388 […]


Kony 2012 – why is it such a huge social media success?

It’s a glossy video that has Hollywood qualities, made by charity Invisible Children, this Youtube success story was seeded into Twitter and exploded from there. By the end of the first day this video had received over 3 million Youtube views. The video features key attributes that make a successful viral. It begins with very […]


Pinterest Glossary

There’s a lot if interest in Pinterest, and I’m sure I’m not the first blogger to say that. But it is true; Pinterest is the new buzzword in social media, even though it has been around for nearly 2 years now. Below I’ve prepared a glossary of terms, enjoy. The Pinterest Glossary Pins – Pins […]


Facebook metrics change

As you may know, I am the co-founder of social media software CrowdControlHQ. Part of our software allows brands to understand the metrics and data around their Facebook pages. Recently Facebook made a change to some of their metrics, therefore I thought it might be handy if I gave you a summary here courtesy of […]

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Cadbury – Protecting a family brand on social media

Cadbury is a global confectionery brand that treasures its local marketing and communications strategy. It is a well-known house-hold name. Its sub-brands such as Green & Blacks have loyal customers and its campaigns such as Spots vs. Stripes have a huge fan base. Cadbury prides itself on finding new and fun ways of interacting with […]


King of search vs King of social

King of search vs King of social – who will win the community insight arms race? Google; the site that gives us what we want when we want it. Search for pizza, you get pizza. 545 million lots of pizza to be almost exact. Starting from what Google thinks is relevant moving to the not […]

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